The school dining area is organised as a self-service cafeteria. This area is supervised by members of staff and they encourage good table manners, the children are encouraged to tidy up their own trays after lunch and are learning about the importance of recycling food and non-food waste.

Children choose from three options each day. This usually includes a non-meat meal. A 3 coloured tray system is used - green- usually a packed lunch, red - a hot two-course meal and blue - a snack type meal. These are on display to allow the children to see the choices. The menu is available on the Council website. If your child has special dietary requirements, please let the school know.

Some parents prefer their children to have a packed lunch and facilities are provided in the school for the eating of packed lunches

Schools in West Lothian offer a lunchtime meals menu on a weekly rotation. The school menu is available at all primary and special schools in the area.